Buck Naked – A Chardonnay Cocktail making every hour happy hour!

Whether you’re hosting this year’s Galentine’s Day Brunch or  looking forward to winding down with a good book in the tub, this Buck Naked Chardonnay Cocktail will knock your socks off! “Naked” style Chardonnay means we’ve left out the oak, and our Elk Grove Chardonnay delivers fruit forward notes that perfectly compliment the juices in this recipe.  Plus, its slightly acidic finish means the Buck Naked Cocktail won’t be overly sweet.  




Use stemmed wine glass.  Pour ELK GROVE Chardonnay in glass. Gently add blend of nectarine & mango/passionfruit juice to glass. Make a small slice in side of strawberry & balance on glass edge.

Serve with toasted almonds, a nice sharp cheddar & crispy flatbread!