Know Your Onions…Welcome to the ‘20s

Know Your Onions…Welcome to the ‘20s


2020 is right around the corner & we are celebrating with a look back to the 1920’s

Happy 100th anniversary to Art Deco, Flapper Dresses, and some of the best catch phrases to come about since sliced bread!  Fun fact: sliced bread was invented in 1928.

So let’s brush up on some ‘20’s slang, and make the new decade the bee’s knees!


Cat’s Pajamas

An excellent person or thing. Pajamas were a fairly new item in the 1920’s and people clearly thought highly of them! 

“This tasting room sure is the cat’s pajamas!”


Bees Knees

The best, surprisingly wonderful, cool. 

“This REDiculous red blend is the bee’s knees!” (There was also a prohibition cocktail named Bees Knees- gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey).



Dang it! Don’t know about you, but I’ll be using this one. 

“Applesauce! I forgot to pick up a case of Hybrid Pinot Noir for the party!”



Much like bees knees or cat’s pajamas, it means a good thing. 

“This Collier Creek Cab is berries!” Grapes are actually berries so that about covers it!


Wooden Nickels

Don’t do something dumb. That’s just solid advice we should all heed. 

“If you’re going to be drinking all day, don’t take any wooden nickels!”


Giggle Water

Liquor or an alcoholic beverage. 

“Hey old sport, I hear Cliche Wine’s got some swell deals on giggle water!”


Iron one’s shoelaces

To excuse oneself to the bathroom. 

“Will you watch my wine? I’ve got to go iron my shoelaces!”


Know your onions

To know what’s up/what’s going on. 

“You’ve been to Cliche Wine? Say, you sure know your onions!”


Phonus balonus

That’s nonsense, ridiculous. Is this just “latin” for phoney baloney? I’ll take it! 

“You’ve never heard of Elk Grove Chardonnay? That’s some phonus balonus!”