The 4th Little Pig

Surely you remember the tale of the three little pigs, the ones who built themselves their own little houses. One pig, Claude is his name, built his house out of hay. Which um… buddy that just isn’t gonna hold up. We know how that went (down… it went down). Claude probably ended up moving in with the second pig, Franklin, who built his house out of sticks. Which like… okay. A bit sturdier, sure. But I’ve played with Lincoln Logs that’ll hold up better than sticks come stormy weather or a wolf with really great lung capacity. So we know that didn’t last either. Which means Claude AND Franklin moved in with the third pig, Rufus, and his house made of bricks. Finally, some stability! No wolf blew THAT house down, kept ‘em dry in winter. Solid and safe, if not a tad bland. And those three pigs lived happily ever after (we hope).

But I’ll bet you never heard the story of the fourth pig. Yes, the fourth pig! His name is Buck, short for Buckingham. Buck also built a house, his own palace. A Buckingham Palace, if you will. A house miles from any wolf mayhem, in a nice little valley with mild weather. His home has a fresh, green garden where Buck can sit and enjoy afternoon tea and biscuits to his heart’s content. You can walk to his house on a warm summer day and smell the sweetness waft to your senses from a mile away. For Buck had built his house out of Brix. 

Brix is the measurement of sugar content found in wine and many other fruits. The higher the number, the sweeter it is. So how Buck built his house out of sugar is beyond me, it is fairy tale pig science, after all. 

So while his house is sure to be sweet, Buck is hardly ever home. He’s an adventurous swine, always trying new things and discovering new places. You never know where you’ll see him next, so keep an eye out for a little pig with a top hat and monocle!